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Fusion Steel

2024 Tune of choice:  Free Up  | arranger:  Darren Sheppard

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Fusion Steel, an ensemble of multi-talented young musicians/singers aspiring to change the status quo in the Steelband industry and the music world at large.

One of the main objectives of Fusion Steel is to bring a new creative approach to the steelpan industry. The vocals helps break the monotony of the instrumental music and as the name suggest, it's not just a fusion of vocals and steel, but a fusion of musical genres.

Fusion Steel Ensemble has been in existence for the past five (5) years and is led by its talented Musical Director / Manager, Mr. Darren Sheppard. The band is comprised of young people with ages ranging from 18 years to 32 years, some of whom are pursuing music at the University of the West Indies and U.T.T. (University of Trinidad and Tobago).

The band has a wide ranging repertoire of over 102 selections with genres ranging from Hip Hop, Rock, Soca, Reggae, Jazz, to its own compositions by Darren Sheppard Fusion Steel always prides itself on delivering a show at every performance be it for a small audience of 20 or an audience of 20,000 and is always performance ready.

In collaboration with Darren Sheppard and Associates, Fusion Steel presented its first Carnival Midnight Mas Band “Mardi Gras” and created history in Carnival in San Fernando by creating a fully powered truck with vocals and Steelpan, something that has never before been experienced for Carnival in San Fernando.

The band is presently actively engaged in producing its first self-titled CD featuring the musicianship of its talented members.

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