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La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra

2024 Tune of choice:  Nah Leaving  |  arranger:  Adan Hagley

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La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra was founded in 1974 and the band shot into prominence as “Point D’or Nightingales” when it took the Panorama semi-finals by storm in 1977. The “Point D’or” branding speaks to the fact that the band was predominantly populated, adopted and managed by the Point D’or community. Up to this day, may Pan Aficionados from all parts of Trinidad and Tobago still bemoan the period of hiatus that followed while welcoming the band’s return in the mid-eighties.

The band had an increased level of community and corporate support over the years. Included among the corporate support was the very generous contribution from the Lake Asphalt Trinidad and Tobago 1978 Ltd and its parent company Petrotrin. In addition the support from Alutrint, which was short-lived, was a signal period in the history of the band. The band grew from “small band” category to the “large band” category in the national Panorama competition in the last four (4) years. The band is now benefitting from the gracious sponsorship of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC). On December 23rd 2012 the NGC became the sponsor of the La Brea Nightingales and the band officially became known as The NGC La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra. Some members of the community of La Brea view the NGC La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra as an organisation which holds much promise for community development and it is an expectation which the band’s leadership is eager to fulfill. The band is among the longest-serving Non-Government Organisations (NGO) in La Brea and proudly promotes the interests of the La Brea citizenry to all and sundry. 

Strategic Planning Exercise

The Management Committee of NGC La Brea Nightingales appointed a subcommittee to undertake an exercise to develop a Short Term Strategic Plan for the band 2013 - 2015. This included developing Vision and Mission Statements to guide the band, performing a SWOT analysis of the community of La Brea, developing Objectives and identifying Projects to be implemented by the band towards fulfilling its Mission. Extracts of the detailed Strategic Plan are highlighted hereunder:

  • Vision Statement 

NGC La Brea Nightingales shall become a leading, well-respected steel orchestra comprising disciplined, skilled players from within La Brea and environs. The band, as a vibrant community organization shall serve as a catalyst to energize the people towards socio-economic development by providing innovative leadership. We shall embrace the tenet of self- sustenance in ensuring an assured longevity of the band.

  • Mission Statement

The NGC La Brea Nightingales organization shall build a cohesive leadership team comprising persons who are committed to make La Brea become recognized once again for its musical talents while at the same time working assiduously for harnessing the community’s musical skills/talents as well as the all-round development of the community. 

  • Values

As a responsible community organization, NGC La Brea Nightingales shall demonstrate leadership and uphold the following values:-

  • Patriotic and Law-Abiding - Instill national pride and encourage compliance with all laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Environment Friendly - Encourage members and supporters to respect and protect the environment.
  • Inclusion/Collaboration – Encourage meaningful participation among the players in decision making.
  • Integrity - Promote transparency and financial accountability as two important pillars to maintain respect and support.
  • Professional - Proactively promote education and training for members of the community to access market opportunities and development aimed at producing good citizens.
  • Discipline - Promote discipline and consistent hard-work as important keys to success.
  • Supportive/Empathy - Incorporate timely, well managed Conflict Management interventions to ensure the organization’s success, continuity and growth
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