Samaroo Jets Family Orchestra

Here is a musical treasure trove never before heard, provided by WST member W.M. Weidensdorfer.

The year is 1978, and the Samaroo Jets led by Jit Samaroo, (one of the legends in the steelpan art form) are performing poolside at the Trinidad Hilton.  The versatility of the group is on full display in these recordings as they perform the classical, pop and calypso pieces of the day.

Samaroo Jets

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Jit Samaroo was born in Surrey, [Trinidad], the seventh of 13 children in a family of East Indian origin. At the age of 10, he joined the shortlived Village Boys pan-round-the-neck side. His mother, who loved playing the [dholak], died in 1962, and so, young Jit, appointed the task of taking care of younger siblings, formed the Samaroo kids combo.

In 1972 Jit Samaroo led his band the Samaroo Jets to their first musical victory in the Anglican Centenary Music Festival.

That band grew up to become the Samaroo Jets, flying across Europe, Asia, Africa, The Caribbean, North, Central and South America winning plaudits and rave reviews for their concerts.

  Samaroo Family Orchestra - Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  Hilton Poolside 1978 - Recorded by Peter Michels.  Re-mastered by W.M. Weidensdorfer

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