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Pan On The Move Steel Orchestra was formed in August, 1988. Located at Upper De Gannes Street, Arima, in east Trinidad, Pan On The Move is quickly becoming a household name. The band’s name came as a result of breakaway of previous bands. Members decided to come together with a suitable name representing that aspect of their history. Band members made the joke that our national instrument, the steelpan, is always on the move. The tenacity of these band members for over thirty years is evident in their captivating performances.

The band participates in numerous events nationwide, not limited to competitions. Generally, the types of gigs range from weddings and funerals as well as Christmas functions at several organizations including supermarkets. Pan On The Move performs at any social event, hence their extensive repertoire including various genres of music. Pan On The Move seeks to maintain stability as they are exploring opportunities for global tours.

Entertaining audiences isn’t done by just long hours of rehearsals; behind the scintillating performances are the grim realities of any music band. Over the years the band has faced challenges, one of which is trying to stay afloat financially. The main hindrance had been no electricity at the panyard, which was since made possible by the Pan Moving Forward initiating and completing the process

Pan On The Move has a unique identity. Their strength is in the true friendship, love, support and devotion of their members in good and bad times. They forever seek upliftment of the band and its members. Pan On The Move was formed as a community band and has maintained that since inception. Many bands reside in a community, but “We are the community and we are Arima”.


Source: Aquil Arrindell


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