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Platinum Steel Orchestra - Single Pan

2024 Tune of choice:  “My Dulahin”  | arranger:  Natasha Joseph

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Platinum Steel Orchestra, previously named Maitigual Pan Vibes was founded and registered in 1981 however, in 2013, Carlan Harewood’s dream to form an “All-Female” performing steelband in his country of birth commenced. The first course of action was a change of name to capture audiences. The first all-female steel orchestra to existing in Trinidad and Tobago was “Girl Pat Steel Orchestra.” With knowledge of Girl Pat and through having so many female musicians around, Carlan saw an opportunity to rejuvenate a band comprising of vibrant, energetic and talented female panists and musicians. He immediately shared the idea to the managers of Platinum (Lauren and Jenna) and they, being enthused with the opportunity, ran with the concept.

The orchestra operates through an All-Female committee comprising of 9 female members and is overseen by their advisor Carlan “Panman” Harewood, who have been in the music industry for over 25 years. Each member of the committee plays an instrument within the orchestra and it is indeed a beauty to see them perform.

The committee is dedicated to the success of Platinum Steel Orchestra and works continuously on the band's musical repertoire. They have performed at numerous events with the aim of effectively promoting the band’s image. To date, Platinum Steel Orchestra is growing in membership and a number of well-executed performances has been delivered to the ears of satisfied audiences of every era and age.

Platinum Steel Orchestra envisions becoming the premier “All-Female” orchestra worldwide, with continuous growth, whilst performing a cross-section of music which appeals to all their clients and stakeholders.

They are on a mission to showcase their extraordinary talent with exceptional performances, professionalism and quality in representation of all the female musicians in the industry through an “All-Female” body driven to grow, succeed and become a force to reckon with in the music industry whilst portraying Trinidad & Tobago's national instrument with high dignity.

Platinum Steel Orchestra is looking forward to making history in being the first all-female steel orchestra to participate in Trinidad and Tobago’s National Panorama competition.