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Stardust Steel Orchestra was formed in the year 2010, located on the corner of the Western Main Road, Schullere Street, Point Cumana. The band Stardust was an original single pan band from in that area, so instead of continuing with Boys Town, they adopted the title ‘Stardust’. Mr. Clyde Mark, the founder of Stardust, said that it is better to join the single pan category for now than to fight and renew the large band because of the issues Boys Town had with their past members. Boys Town was also a break away from this said same Stardust from the Point Cumana area.

Stardust usually performs at fetes, sporting functions and any form of gathering. The band is considering to start back as a small conventional band, but they will still maintain the single pan band. Some of the critical members of the band right now are Rudolf Williams, Clyde Mark and Simeon Superville. The band is consistently making efforts to keep the community involved in the steelband and its activities. Stardust encourages the youth in the steelband fraternity to keep practicing; practice makes permanent, and ‘If you ever move up in life, don’t forget where you came from’.

Source: Aquil Arrindell

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