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Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestra

2024 Tune of choice: Both O Dem  |  arranger:  Arddin Herbert

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Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestra was formed in the year 2001 and is currently located at the back of Bumper-to-Bumper Tyre Centre, Bower Road, Carnbee, Tobago.

This band was founded and managed by Mr. Iran (Duce) Anthony.

Aspiring to keep the steel pan alive in Tobago it was the dream of the manager to make steel pans and form a steel band.  So this is how Steel Xplosion was born.  With about 10 players a stage side was formed and  they played at hotels  every week for about five years until 2005 when their first participation in a competition was at the Republic Day Pan Jamboree 2005 in which it captured the first prize.

In 2007 Steel Xplosion entered its first Panorama Competition in the Medium Conventional Bands category and qualified for the National semi finals placing 9th.   That same year they placed fifth in the THA (Tobago House Assembly) Pan Champs competition.

In 2008 playing Get Down by sung Anthony Johnson and arranged by Brian (Bean) Griffith they qualified for the National Semi Finals and Finals placing second overall in the Finals and won the THA Pan Champs Competition.

In 2009 Steel Xplosion qualified for the national semi finals and placed sixth in the THA Pan Champs.  In 2010 Steel Xplosion took home the National Panorama Medium Bands Title Playing a Carlton (Zanda) Alexander arrangement of Radica and placing third in the THA Pan Champs.

Hereafter Steel Xplosion participated in all Panoramas to date.

2011 Steel Xplosion made it to the National Panorama Finals placing seventh with Wake Up sung by Denise Plumber and arranged by Carlton (Zanda ) Alexander.

In 2012 the band qualified for the national semi finals playing San Fernando Has Spoken by “DeFosto” arranged by Terrence “BJ” Marcelle; they placed 4th in the THA Pan Champs.

2013 placed 7th in the National Finals playing a Terrence “BJ” Marcelle arrangement of Tell Dem by Black Stalin and Steve Sealy, while coming in 3rd in the THA Pan Champs competition.

Having acquired sponsorship from Nation Gas Company (NGC) in the later part of 2013 the band became known as NGC Steel Xplosion.  For 2014, they placed 9th in the National Finals with Arddin Herbert’s arrangement of Dus’ in Dey Face, placing 3rd in THA Pan Champs.

Steel Xplosion maintained its 'top-tier' performance record in 2015 playing Sparrow’s Dudu Yemi arranged by Arddin Herbert when they came in 3rd in the National Finals.  They also copped 1st place in the THA Pan Champs.

Being one of the National bands to qualify for the International Panorama, NGC Steel Xplosion felt extremely proud to represent Trinidad and Tobago and Tobago on the whole.  With Mighty Duke’s “Thunder” as the selection and arrangement by Herbert, Steel Xplosion placed 12th.

Apart from competition, NGC Steel Xplosion remains professionally engaged and musically on point through its stage side performances year-round at hotels, weddings, concerts, the Point Fortin Borough Celebration and other social engagements.

As we grow we hope that we will be a beacon in society for today’s youths and for yesterday’s pioneers, together taking the steel pan forward to even greater heights.

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