When Steel Talks


An Exclusive Interview with

Patrick Arnold

President of Pan Trinbago


In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Patrick Arnold, President of Pan Trinbago attempted to address the large volume of complaints from dissatisfied pan people and lovers in general, about the quality of this year's panorama audio and video recordings presently on sale.  Mr. Arnold stated that in the rush to circumvent the customary piracy of both Panorama Videos and CDs, and to take advantage of the eager market in Trinidad for the season, product errors which were made, came to light only after the Videos and CDs were made available to the public. 

He said that he himself had been unaware of these existing problems until a few days ago, and stated that stated that anyone with grievances about either Pan Trinbago-produced Panorama 2003 CDs or Videos, could contact Pan Trinbago directly.

Patrick Arnold also announced that there would be a second panorama this year in Trinidad and Tobago, slated around the period of the twin-island's Republic celebrations (September 2003), with the final date to be announced.  This event looks forward to featuring original compositions by talented well-known composers of music for pan, such as Ray Holman, Len 'Boogsie" Sharpe and others, and the musical arrangements will be six minutes long.

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