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Pan Alive 2016 - Toronto Panorama Steel Orchestras - Bands, Tunes, Arrangers

Toronto, Canada
  Bands No. of
Songs Arrangers
1 St Jamestown Youth Centre Steel Orchestra
Leader: Ken Bhagan
(Amrit Samaroo and Mark Loquan)
 singer - Chuck Gordon
Dwight Belgrove
2 Golden Harps Int’l
Leader: Hayden Marshall
Oil and Music
(Machel Montano)
singers - Machel Montano, ft. David Rudder
Kendall Williams, Odie Franklin & Marc Brooks
3 Panatics Steelband Network
Leader: Andrew Jackson
  What Yuh Come Here For
 (Winston Bailey)
singer - Shadow
Gareth Burgess
4 New Dimension Steel Orchestra
Leaders: Denise Als
(GBM Nutron)
singer - GBM Nutron
Thadel Wilson, Denise Als and Richard Cornelius
5 JK Pan Vibrations
Leaders: Cecil Clarke/Karla Clarke/Vanessa Brown/Chrystal Lewis
  Free Up
(Christopher “Tambu” Herbert)
singer - Christopher “Tambu” Herbert)
Tony “Pan Jumbie” Williams 
6 Sihouettes Steel Orchestra
Leaders: Daniel Mosca and Winston Jones
  Madd Music
(Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and Nigel Rojas)
singer- Keith Lucas
Marc Mosca
7 Pan Masters
Leader: Evelyn Amagon
  Pan, Night and Day
(Aldwyn Roberts)
singer - Lord Kitchener
Tommy Crichlow &  Rudo Forteau  
8 Salah’s Steelpan Academy
Leader: Fatima Wilson
  Bass On Fire
(Mark Loquan, Seion Gomez and Gregory “GB” Valentine)
singer - Kernel Roberts
Salah Wilson
9 Afropan
Leaders: Earl La Pierre sr. & Earl La Pierre Jr.
  Different Me
(Joyan James)
singer - 5Star Akil
Earl La Pierre, Sr.
10 Pan Fantasy Steel Orchestra
Leader: Wendy Jones
singers (Kerwin Du Bois, A. St. Louis, K. Hart, K. Phillips)
Al Foster

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