Steelpan Tuner
Lincoln 'Delgado' Noel

Lincoln “Delgado” Noel

26 October 1938 — 24 September 2006
Lincoln Noel - Master Craftsman - Steelpan Tuner

Also known as “The Pan Doctor,” Lincoln Noel was one of Trinidad & Tobago’s most celebrated Pan Tuners in his day.

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Lincoln was born in La Brea, south Trinidad on the 26th October, 1938 and had his early schooling in that country town. At the age of five, he attended the Rosary Boys’ School in Port of Spain where he became interested in music and was further inspired by his father and mentor who was an accomplished Flutist. Lincoln at this time, was living in Barataria with an aunt, Ms. Catherine, but maintained contact with his family by journeying to the Southland on weekends to visit with his parents. Because of his love for music and early interest in the steel pan, Lincoln began playing with the band, Southern Symphony. He was only thirteen years old at this time but because of his ability in playing all of the nine instruments, it was only a matter of time before he left these shores.

His first trip took him on a seven-month tour of Martinique in 1954 and this eventually proved to be a turning point in his life as he did not return to school, preferring instead to begin experimenting with the production of the basses for the band. His talent as a Tuner began to reveal itself and in the years that followed he traveled extensively with the band. His most significant tour during this period was made to Cuba in 1959 to play at a World Convention. Lincoln visited many countries of the world touring with the band and these include cities in Europe, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines and Spain. The band returned to Trinidad in 1963 and Lincoln almost immediately came to Port of Spain to use his talent. It was not long before talk of his ingenious ability spread throughout Port of Spain and environs and soon Lincoln was tuning for almost all the bands in the area with the exception of a few that had resident Tuners. However, he even broke that barrier when he was hired by the then-Captain of Desperadoes, Rudolph “Charlo” Charles, to be one of the resident Tuners alongside the great Bertie Marshall. Lincoln was affectionately nicknamed “Delgado” by “Charlo” and “Fix It” by the pan players themselves.

The pan manufacturing company Lincoln Enterprises was named after him.

Source:  Larry Largen