Meet Ellie Mannette - Celebrated Master Steelpan Tuner - UpClose!

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

He is celebrated all over the world for his contributions to development of the instruments of the modern steel orchestra. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks (WST) - master tuner Ellie Mannette shares his thoughts on a series of issues.
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Ellie Mannette, one of the key innovators of the steel band art form in 1940s-50s Trinidad, has been an artist-in-residence at West Virginia University since the early 1990s.

The Narell brothers have a special connection to Mannette, having first met Ellie in Trinidad in 1966. It was their father, Murray Narell, who brought Ellie to New York City in 1967 to begin developing inner city Pan programs.

   Ellie Mannette’s exclusive video interview

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Ellie Mannette after his WST interview
Ellie Mannette after his WST interview


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