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In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - well-known steelband panorama arranger Terrance “BJ” Marcelle - no stranger to winner’s row in the small conventional steel orchestra category in Trinidad & Tobago - speaks about his present position as arranger for New York’s D’Radoes Steel Orchestra. Marcelle is looking to take the band to the top with his arrangement of “Trini.”
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Terrance “BJ” Marcelle was comfortable as he sat down with When Steel Talks to share his experiences in coming to D’Radoes Steel Orchestra as their arranger for 2011.  He was also pleased that his arrangement for “Trini” the panorama selection, was complete, leaving the band a full two weeks to “drill” and cement their performance.

Though this is his first time taking a steel orchestra to the New York Panorama, Marcelle himself is no stranger to winners’ row.  He is the reigning champion arranger in Trinidad & Tobago’s hotly-contest annual Panorama competition in the small conventional steel orchestra category, a feat he has repeatedly accomplished with a band he himself formed several years ago, Arima Golden Symphony.  In fact, Marcelle and Arima Golden Symphony currently lay claim to the rare and enviable three-peat phenomenon, with back-to-back wins in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


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Terrance "BJ" Marcelle at D'Radoes' pan yard in New York
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle at D’Radoes’ pan yard in New York


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