Meet William Jones of CASYM:  An American Success Story - UpClose!

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An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Mr. William Jones of CASYM, one of the standout steelpan music franchises in America. Here is his story in his own words.
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New York, USA - The name CASYM (Caribbean American Sports and Cultural Youth Movement, Inc.) reverberates loudly within the North American Steelband art form. The organization’s youth-based steel orchestra has established itself as a triumphant American institution operating against all odds in the bowels of New York City - leading, inspiring, and accomplishing.

Mr. William Jones
Mr. William Jones

In an exclusive with the organization’s founder and president emeritus William Jones, thirty years after its inception, Mr. Jones shares the history and key to CASYM’s longevity and success in producing outstanding individuals.

In addition, Mr. Jones speaks on opportunities missed, shortsightedness of other leaders and the magic of the steelpan.  Gain insight into his joys, his fears, his disappointments, while understanding the power of networking which Mr. Jones states is the key component to the success of CASYM.

William Jones of CASYM - exclusive video interview

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Mr. William Jones with current CASYM band captain, Travis Roberts
Mr. William Jones with current CASYM band captain, Travis Roberts

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