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“ personally - I’m a sponge. I just like to go anywhere, anybody, anything I can learn - that’s what I’m about...” Kareem Thompson
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Global - Kareem Thompson’s love affair with the steelpan instrument began at the age of eight years old. It has been and continues to be, a magnificent story. Thoughtful, cerebral, gifted, spiritual and introspective - Kareem brings that rare blend of intellect, talent and selflessness. He is indeed an artist and an entertainer.

Kareem studied at Florida Memorial University with the renowned Dr. Dawn Batson and is a graduate from Berklee College of Music.

Mature beyond his years, Kareem Thompson brings a unique musical perspective to the table. His influence on this generation of steelpan music players will be felt.

In this UpClose When Steel Talks exclusive interview, here is Kareem Thompson’s story in his own words.

Watch an exclusive interview with Kareem Thompson

Arranger, composer and performing artist Kareem Thompson
Arranger, composer and performing artist Kareem Thompson

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