Meet Hugh Borde - Pan Pioneer, Panist, Arranger, Educator & Performing Artist - UpClose!

In an exclusive 1980 interview with producer, journalist author and noted on-air broadcaster Von Martin, Pan pioneer, panist and performing artist Hugh Borde speaks on his love of the steelpan instrument and the critical matters facing Pan both globally and in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Producer, author and noted on-air broadcaster Von Martin shares another important documentary on the pan from his archives. This time we meet Pan Pioneer Hugh Borde.

Head of Caribbeana Communications Inc. Von Martin shares one of his many interviews amassed throughout the years, on the history of the steelpan instrument. The one featured here is from 1980 and showcases Hugh Borde, of whom Martin says “ indeed one of those rich treasures of Trinidad & Tobago and I believe does not get the kind of recognition he and so many of the [Pan] pioneers deserve.”

Von Martin
Von Martin

During this 1980 interview Borde addressed the critical need for the standardization of pan. In addition, he shared his many breakthrough accomplishments he has had in his illustrious career. Furthermore, he speaks on the various strategies he feels the steelbands had to adopt at the time to be successful globally.

Borde was one of the original steelband foundation members from the late 1940s. He was also one of the original members of the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Association.

Interviewer Von Martin’s book “Voices of Pan Pioneers of Trinidad & Tobago” will soon be published; he may be reached at  He can also be heard every Saturday from 6:00—9:00 p.m. on

Listen to Pan pioneer Hugh Borde in his own words, UpClose!


Von Martin - Steelpan Documentarian
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Caribbeana Communications Inc.

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