Meet Akira Iino - Musician, Panist, Bandleader & Creator of the Diamond Cut Steel Pan - UpClose!

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The Diamond Cut Steel Pan - Guitar Pans

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Akira Iino from Japan has created a new guitar pan with diamond shapes indented into the skirt of the drum produced by Nittetsu Drum.

Suffice to say that his creation has generated quite a buzz within the global steelband community across social media platforms.

The diamond-cut steel drums are made by Nittetsu Drum in Japan.

When Steel Talks had a short communiqué with Akira Iino about his creation.

Akira Iino
Akira Iino

WST - “Good evening. Congratulations on your diamond-cut steel drums. They look fabulous.”

Akira I. - “Good evening! It is such an honor to be able to have you say such a thing.”

WST - “Will you have all pans in these drums, including tenors and bass pans?”

Akira I. - “So, [for now] I have made only guitar pans.”

The diamond-cut drum preceding the final guitar pan instrument
The diamond-cut drum preceding the final guitar pan instrument

WST - “Are you pleased with the way they sound?”

Akira I. - “Yes I’m satisfied.”

WST - “Will they be available to the public in the near future?”

Akira I. - “These drums are very expensive to make now.  It might be made if many people who want to buy.”

WST - “Can the pans be made in every color?”

Akira I. - “Color is paint? Yes I can.”

WST - “What keeps your passion for Pan going?”

Akira I. - “My passion...I don’t know because I’m too much absorbed in pan. One thing I can say for sure. It is possible to keep my passion - that is thanks to the people around me.”

Underbelly and inside of diamond cut guitar pans
Underbelly and inside of diamond cut guitar pans

WST - “How long have you been making pan? ”

Akira I. - “About nine years have passed since I started to learn.”

WST - “What is the name of your band?”

Akira I. - “My band name is “STARS ON PAN.””

Desmond “Mappo” Richardson & Akira Iino

WST - “How were you first introduced to tuning pans?”

Akira I. - “I learned making from Wayne “Charlie” Pinder of Phase II and when I was in Trinidad I was working at Doyle’s factory.”

WST - “Who taught you to make pans?”

Akira I. - “I learned tuning from Desmond “Mappo” Richardson. I’m learning now.”

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