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The Steel Orchestra is ideal for the Immersive Audio Experience

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When Steel Talks through our recording wing Basement Recordings, has had the good fortune of being associated with some of the best steelpan and steel orchestra recordings ever produced. Part of that fortune has been a keen understanding of the Pan instrument, recording technology and environs in which we work in.

Like the shift from monaural recordings to stereo, the introduction and development of immersive audio has already, and will radically change the music production landscape as we know it on every level.

Two of the people who have been at the forefront of this new frontier - immersive sound technologies - are audio engineer and recording producer David Bowles, and NYU (New York University) Music Assistant Professor, Director of the Music Technology Program Paul Geluso.

Both were on hand and hosted the “Immersive Music Listening Session: Critical Listening and Recording Techniques” at AES New York 2019.  A standing-room only session, it included interaction and a question and answer session.

David Bowles and Paul Geluso
Session with Paul Geluso (standing at center) and David Bowles (standing at right)

Already on the market are headphones that are listed as facilitating the immersive audio experience, popular especially among the gaming fraternity, which is always in pursuit of consummate realism, in sight - as well as sound. The steel orchestra enthusiast entertains similar yearnings - that realistic and fully ‘immersive’ sound of the family of steelpan instruments in concert, whenever the performance is replayed, and preferably simulating the placing of the listener, sonically, within the orchestra itself. This makes immersive audio a perfect vehicle for such - either via headphones, or within a sound environment appropriately outfitted to output the technology. Indeed, the steel orchestra is ideal for the immersive audio experience.

Incidentally, Paul Geluso is already familiar with the steelpan instrument when, as NYU faculty member and recording engineer, he helmed the recording of ‘NYU STEEL PLAYS PHILIP GLASS’ - a CD released back in 2011 by NYU Steel. He worked alongside Jonathan Haas and Josh Quillen.

In an interview with When Steel Talks these distinguished producers—David and Paul—share their thoughts on the future of immersive works today and tomorrow, and the day after.


David Bowles and Paul Geluso
David Bowles and Paul Geluso



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