Meet Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin - Panist, Composer, Arranger, Ethnomusicologist, Educator & Performing Artist - UpClose!

Intelligent, immensely talented, beautiful, charismatic, articulate, focused and thoughtful - this ‘Ambassador of Pan’ represents the ultimate pan product from Trinidad and Tobago’s next generation of pan talent. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, instructor and performing artist Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin speaks on her career and fantastic journey in Pan.
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Her passion for Pan is obviously without question. She developed a natural affinity for pan and music at a very early age. That love and passion has taken her to the heights of the arts and education. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin takes us on the journey from her beginnings, her current works, and envisioning of the future for pan.

On the future of the instrument in Trinidad & Tobago Gormandy-Benjamin feels Pan is going through a transformational period. “We are seeing... more of the younger generation coming up with way more skills to work, to function in the world of music.”

Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin
Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin

She is blazing new pathways for the instrument and music through technology, new music works for instrument, and exposure.  For example her “PanNotation” initiative will allow panists all over the world access to music scores of Panorama arrangements as performed by steel orchestras, and adaptations of popular songs, all in one place online.

On words of wisdom - “Trust yourself.”  And if you have a project “Do it - don’t wait”.

Listen to Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin in her own words, UpClose!


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