Meet Clive Bradley, 1982 Desperadoes Steel Orchestra Arranger: The “Ah Goin’ And Party Tonight” Story - UpClose!

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An exclusive Von Martin–interview with Mr. Clive Bradley, champion arranger for Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, one of the world’s finest steel orchestra music franchises. Here is Bradley’s story in his own words on his 1982 saga - with noted author and journalist Von Martin. This interview was done at Bradley’s home in Diego Martin, Trinidad.
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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.  -

“...When Despers began playing on Panorama night 1982, people actually booed. But when the chrome tenors hummed through the first few bars of “Party Tonight,” the crowd fell silent. The melody settled in the cool Savannah night air like the marijuana smoke that preceded it. Though arguments will probably persist well into Bradley’s retirement, for a few minutes that night everyone was seduced by Despers, and Bradley’s arrangement. It was also the first time he had arranged one of his own compositions (lyrics by Lord Nelson) for Panorama....” Knolly Moses - panist and journalist

Exclusive interview with Von Martin

Noted and respected veteran journalist and steelpan documentarian Von Martin, through his series of exclusive interviews with key figures in the history of the development of the steelpan instrument - provides us with an opportunity to hear the thoughts and memories of these notables up-close and in their own voices.  And one such, Clive Bradley, has been featured here.

*** Interview audio provided by and published with the expressed permission of, Mr. Von Martin.

Listen to the Audio version... 1988 World Steelband Festival Champions - arranger/composer Clive Bradley

Lord Nelson - Ah Goin’ And Party Tonight - arranger/composer Clive Bradley


Clive Bradley
Clive Bradley



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