Meet Rudolph Charles, Leader, Manager, Innovator and Tuner of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - UpClose!

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An exclusive Von Martin–interview with the iconic Mr. Rudolph Charles, the brilliant leader  of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, one of the world’s finest steel orchestra music franchises. Here is Charles’s story in his own words on his life with pan - with noted author and journalist Von Martin. This interview was done Thursday after Carnival 1983 at his home in East Dry River, Laventille, Trinidad.
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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.  -

“ has been thirty-six years since the death of one of the most influential figures in the history of the steelpan movement. Rudolph Valentino Charles was one of the finest leaders, innovators and visionaries ever produced by the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. His ideas, concepts and products still reverberate in steelpan music communities globally today, both in terms of his inventions and the people he influences and motivates. Moreover, his thought process and vision went way past the steelpan art form.” A WST Rewind

Noted and respected veteran journalist and steelpan documentarian Von Martin, through his series of exclusive interviews with key figures in the history of the development of the steelpan instrument - provides us with an opportunity to hear the thoughts and memories of these notables up-close and in their own voices.  And one such, Rudolph Charles, has been featured here. (“Unpause” to start audio)

*** Interview audio provided by and published with the expressed permission of, Mr. Von Martin.

Rudolph Charles
Rudolph Charles



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