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Neville Jules Speaks

An exclusive video interview with steelpan legend and pioneer Neville Jules as he shares his knowledge and experiences about the steelpan movement.

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Neville Jules at When Steel Talks Studios

There are a collective few who bear the distinction of being universally recognized as members of that unique, and special fraternity we at When Steel Talks refer to as Giants and Titans of “Pan and the Steelpan Movement.” Through their intellect, talents, genius, innovativeness, sacrifices, foresight and leadership they forged a path to greatness for a marvelous invention known as ‘Pan’ - all the while showcasing the genius and indomitable spirit of man.

Mr. Neville Jules is without doubt one of these Titans. Mr. Jules - in addition to being a steelpan inventor, arranger, manager and captain - was foremost a molder of men and character - and he led by example.

In 2003 When Steel Talks had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jules at our studios in what will always be one of our most rewarding, informative, fact-filled and historical interviews. Mr. Jules gave us a unique and personal vantage point on the development of the pan movement as one who was both involved, and present.

Neville Jules - Legendary Steelpan leader and innovator

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