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Iman Pascall - A Steelpan Virtuoso In The Making

Angela. Howard

Angela Howard Interview Iman Pascal in 2005

New York - Seventeen year-old Iman Pascall has been playing the steel pan since she was five. Far removed from the child who sometimes seemed smaller than her pan, Iman has honed her skills as a player. She has achieved a proficiency playing the tenor pan, double seconds and double tenors, bass and mid range pans.

Her pan “resume” includes playing for such bands as Metro Steel Orchestra, Pan Rebels, Moods Pan Groove, Women in Steel, Marsicans, and Krosfyah in New York. Iman has also played on the stage in Trinidad with Desperadoes and Phase II Pan Groove, and is still savoring this year’s victory with the Woodbrook band.

A senior at Brooklyn’s Science Skills High School, Iman looks forward to attending college in Florida next September to study music and business. She currently participates in ACTSO (Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympic / sponsored by the NAACP) competitions as a solo pan player and composer. Iman spends most of her spare time involved in some pan related activity, including teaching youngsters in Crown Heights middle schools how to play the instrument.

 Iman will continue to be one of the youngsters we look to accomplish great things in the field.

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A Celebration of Women
And The Steelpan Artform

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March 7, 2005 

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