Grenada Panorama 2006

Place Points Band

Tune of Choice


Tuner Captain
1st 265 Commancheros    


2nd 260

New Dimensions

3rd  244 Angel Harps



4th 243 Pan lovers        
5th 239 Florida All Stars        
6th 238 Rainbowcity All Stars        
7th 219 Corinthians        
8th 215 Grand Roy Pan Angels        
Sunday, 13th Aug. 2006 - St. Paul's based Cable & Wireless Commancheros last night played their way to their second panorama championship when they beat Courts New Dimension and Republic Bank Angel Harps into second and third places respectively. Playing an Andre Greenidge arrangement of Smokey's "Pan is Alive" the CHEROS scored a total of 265 points as they left New Dimension and Angel Harps trailing in their wake.
In fourth position was Capbank South City Plaza Pan Lovers; fifth was Florida All Stars followed by Grenlec Rainbow City All Stars in sixth position. Corinthians finished in seventh position leaving newcomers Grand Roy Pan Angels in the cellar position at number eight.
For Republic Bank Angel Harps, champions of 2005, it was their first defeat at Panorama in Tanteen having won the previous three contests held there. It was a disappointing result for the Harps falling 22 points short of champions Commancheros.

It could not be a better year for Commancheros. Coming to panorama with a young and inexperienced arranger in Andre Greenidge they would have been aiming for the top three but did better and played their way to the top 12 years after winning panorama in 1994 with a Cecil Noel arrangement.
It's very obvious that the balance of forces are changing in the 21st century observes one pan enthusiast in Grenada. There was, once upon a time, when panorama was mainly dominated by the two top guns in Dimensions and Angel Harps. Since 2000 though, three other bands have copped the top prize in Grenada's biggest steelband competition. This is truly an encouraging sign for the pan movement in Grenada as a whole.
Recent Past Champions
  • 2000 - Rainbow City All Stars
    2001 - No Panorama
    2002 - New Dimension
    2003 - New Dimension
    2004 - Pan Wizards
    2005 - Angel Harps
    2006 - Commancheros
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