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Date: 05.01.05

University of Connecticut Students
Hook Up With Pantonic Steel Orchestra


Brooklyn, New York -

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New York powerhouse Pantonic Steel Orchestra hosted a mini-seminar and concert exclusively for the students of University of Connecticut (UConn) steelband.  Eight students form the University's Steelband traveled from their campus to the home of Pantonic Steel Orchestra in Brooklyn, the North American Mecca of Steelpan activity, as a means of interacting with and experiencing first-hand the performance of, a championship steel orchestra.  The meeting was indeed an educational one.

The UConn contingent was led by Dr. Robert Stephens, Professor of Music, University of Connecticut.  It was he who conceived of and was responsible for, the opportunity for the students to be within Pantonic's authentic steelband environment.  In addition to two full session performances by members of the Pantonic stage side, details into the inner workings of its full-size panorama band were explained in the question-and-answer sessions.   UConn students were able to receive personal tutoring and performance tips from Pantonic musicians and percussionist as they interacted together.

Students From The University of Connecticut Meet Pantonic Steel Orchestra

Contact Pantonic and Glenda Gamory at 1 (718) 434-0231, and at Pantonic1@aol.com.

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