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One Million Dollars (US) for
New York Panorama Winner


New York - And why not?  When Steel Talks has previously called for that first prize and much more for New York's pannists in competition.  New York is, after all, the entertainment, media and financial capital of the world.  The Big Apple always sees itself as a global artistic and cultural leader.  And as quietly as it's kept, the steel orchestras of New York have been spear-heading and carrying the flame for the most vibrant, inventive, creative and socially significant music performing arts-based movement in the USA.  The challenge in 2007 is for the managements of the New York steel orchestras to get their act together, and secure not only competent leadership, but also an able and progressive producer/promoter who can deliver the goods and take advantage of the vast talent the young people possess, in a time when NY is culturally and financially flourishing.

Globally speaking, In Trinidad & Tobago's case, we saw some movement this year in the right direction, as Panorama winners were awarded $1,000,000 (TT) [equal to USD $159,000].  While this award was clearly insufficient, it is a step in the right direction.  Steelpan music is Trinidad and Tobago's only native musical art form and must be viewed in a similar manner to Jazz, America's only unique and original musical art form.

Time for NY steelband music leaders, business, government. arts benefactors and entertainment producers to step up to the plate.  Too much talent, too much music, too much goodwill/people's efforts are being continually wasted. 

Everybody (financiers, politicians, developers, etc.) have been moving into and are now positioned, to claim their stake in regards to the new stadium (a Bruce Ratner initiative) slated to go up in downtown Brooklyn, which will not only be a sporting arena, but is also being touted as a 'cultural arts mecca.'  It must be noted that Brooklyn's Borough President Marty Markowitz is on record that the cultural celebrations, i.e. Panorama, will be moved there.

What is really needed, is a musical complex that has been specifically and solely designed to showcase the steel orchestra.  That is an entirely different matter, and the only acceptable solution for New York's pan fraternity.  Again, When Steel Talks has called for this before.  It can be called the Clive Bradley Steelband Performing Arts Center and must be located in the heart of the steel orchestra enclave, Brooklyn's East Flatbush area.  

If pan people do not arise, seize the opportunity, and THINK and negotiate for themselves as a bargaining body, in this time of New York City's economic and fiscal boom, they will find themselves either on the outside of Bruce Ratner's stadium looking in, or else on the inside - with someone pulling their strings, and with others already having negotiated very unfavorable, and binding terms for them. 


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