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New York - The season has just begun and already there have been some major developments on the New York 2007 Panorama scene that can have far reaching impact on the  Big Apple's steelband music landscape for years.  Sesame Flyers has secured the services of respected arranger Pelham Goddard (who arranged for Marsicans from 2002-2005), and Harmony has brought Ken "Professor" Philmore (who last arranged in New York for Sonatas in 2003).  Both Sesame and more so Harmony, are young groups; they have made significant strides and progress in recent years.  The introduction of these two proven arrangers into the bands' respective mixes will raise expectations for these two music organizations as they contend for a position among the New York panorama heavyweights.

Not to be outdone - Crossfire Steel Orchestra has turned over the arranging reins to New York favorite Anthony 'Pra' Trebuse, one of the mainstays and founders of now-defunct Pan Rebels.  Crossfire has made significant upgrades to its instruments in recent years.  These improvements coupled with the change in arranger may propel Crossfire into the upper echelons of the New York steelband elite.

In recent years, the 'high-rent district' of the Big Apple panorama steelband world has been the exclusive domain of world-renowned NY power houses - CASYM, Pantonic, Sonatas and D'Radoes.  2007 may not be the year when the big guns have to look over their shoulders, however - the others have served early notice that they are  committed to getting better, and that they are coming.

Band Arranged by Song Composed by
CASYM Arddin Herbert    
SONATAS Yohan Popwell    
PANTONIC Keith Roberts Band From Space A. Samaroo
D'RADOES Curtis Edwards &
Robert Greenidge
Band From Space A. Samaroo
DESPERS USA Edison Quarless

Sharing Licks

L. Sharpe
SESAME FLYERS Pelham Goddard Band From Space A. Samaroo
HARMONY Ken "Professor" Philmore

Nah Going Home

Biggie Irie
CROSSFIRE Anthony "Pra" Trebuse

Sharing Licks

L. Sharpe
DEM STARS Denzil Botus

Can't get Enough

E. Peters
ADLIB Andre White Band From Space A. Samaroo
CARIBBEAN YOUTH PANORAMICS Joseph "Franklyn" Gerald    
NY MARSICANS Anthony Simpson

Pan Lamentation

MOODS Robert Greenidge    

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