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Exodus Wins World Steelband Music Festival - What Next?

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

New York, USA  -  Congratulations to Exodus on their 2005 WSMF (World Steelband Music Festival) championship. Congratulations are in order to Pan Trinbago for having successfully produced the 2005 World Steelband Music Festival in New York. And a special congrats to Patrick Arnold for stepping up to the plate and taking full responsibility for both the good and/or bad.

Exodus 2005 WSMF Champions on stage at Madison Square Garden
Exodus 2005 WSMF Champions on stage at Madison Square Garden

The show was great and the steelband musicians were simply superb. They have been without question, and continue to be, ready for prime time. They (the performing steelbands) are operating on a world stage with presentations to suit. The professionalism, look, sound, performance and content - the whole package is there.

Again Pan Trinbago must be complimented for having pulled the show off with a short runway. Indeed credit is due because had the show not been successful they (Pan Trinbago) would have shouldered all the blame exclusively.

Was the show or this adventure perfect? No. Far from it. However, we are willing to overlook the behind-the-scenes shortcomings that were at times inadequate, incompetent, unacceptable and intolerable, which we observed, and those that were communicated to us by event-participating parties. Let’s just say (and hope) that these were the results of Pan Trinbago being a rookie in a new arena. But you only get to be a rookie once.

New York has the some of the best musical facilities and institutions in the world, along with some of the most powerful movers and shakers in the music business. It is the advertising, media and financial capital of the world. Many of the world’s most powerful and significant musical organizations have their headquarters located in New York city. To have not already cultivated an atmosphere and an opportunity for the participating steelbands, and itself as the world governing body for the steelpan - to take advantage of priceless chances, would be a serious shortcoming on Pan Trinbago’s part.

Skiffle Bunch 2005 WSMF Runners Up
Skiffle Bunch 2005 WSMF Runners Up

In this regard we are confident that Pan Trinbago and the local NY steelband governing bodies understands that the World Steelband Music Festival 2005 is far from over. Actually, the real work has just begun. Millions of dollars in business, advertising and endorsements deals are to secured over the next few weeks, that are a direct result of great performances delivered by all the WSMF participants. We are sure Pan Trinbago will leave an able-bodied team behind in New York, to bring these opportunities to reality. There was no reason to hold the show in New York if Pan Trinbago lacks the ability to identify and exploit the opportunities created by holding a successful steelpan music event in New York city. Having said that, there is nothing stopping the individual steelband organizations themselves, from seizing the moment and negotiating on their own behalf.

In the home of business men like Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg, Russell Simmons and Sean “P Diddy” Combs, the WSMF panmen have delivered a product that demands that Pan Trinbago get on a first-name basis with these financial business moguls and many others.

A special thank you and an acknowledgement to Mrs. Angela Fox of Pan Trinbago for being the glue that held it all together.


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