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When Steel Talks Exclusive


Pan In New York 2004 CD

The much-heralded and anticipated musical gem is now available!  Hear New York's top steel orchestras without compromise.  You heard the pre-release on Pan On The Net Radio at www.panonthenet.com.   If you thought the modem version of the radio show [http://www.panonthenet.com/spilc/dio/radioshow56.wma ] sounded good, wait till you hear the CD!  Now you can get your copy of Pan In New York 2004 (the Yard Recordings) as captured by Basement.  No steelpan music collection is complete without it!  This year's line-up includes:
1    "War 2004" - SONATAS (arranged by Yohan Popwell)
2    "We Like to Play"  - CASYM (arranged by Arddin Herbert)
3    "Bonnie & Clyde" - MARSICANS (arranged by Pelham Goddard)
4    “Whap Cocoyea”   - D'RADOES (arranged by Clive Bradley)
5    "Bonnie & Clyde"  - PANTONIC (arranged by Clive Bradley)
6    "I'm A Bachelor"  - UTOPIA PAN SOUL:  The Next Generation 
                                                            (arranged by Sheldon Elcock & Curt Rogers)
To Get Your Copy:
1-718-421-2042 -- pantonicds@aol.com
1-917-468-5575 -- Joey Horsford
1-718-774-7977 -- William Jones
1-718-756-1502 - Sheldon Elcock
1-718-496-5133 - Mack
or the Management of Featured Bands

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