New York
October 4, 2004

Pan In New York 2004 CD
 - Ready and Available

Six of this year’s top New York steelbands are featured in the Basement Recordings' annual recording of steelbands, on the Pan in New York 2004! CD.  It features panyard recordings of the bands in the final days of their panorama preparations which in itself is a unique experience.

The CD continues a history of impeccable Steelpan audio and visual capturings.  Some of the bands featured include this year’s Panorama champions, Sonatas, along with Radoes, Utopia Pan Soul:  The Next Generation, Marsicans, CASYM and Pantonic.

The audio, as with all Basement Recordings Steelpan recordings, is impeccable.  Basement Recordings continues to raise the art and science of steelband recordings to new levels.  Those interested in acquiring the Pan in New York 2004! CD may do so directly from the bands featured on the CD.  For more details go to: [ speaker.gif (351 bytes) click to hear sample]

To Get Your Copy:
1-718-421-2042 --
1-917-468-5575 -- Joey Horsford
1-718-774-7977 -- William Jones
1-718-756-1502 - Sheldon Elcock
1-718-496-5133 - Mack
or the Management of Featured Bands
For more information, contact:

Basement Recordings


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