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New York - CASYM Steel Orchestra's annual Christmas show is a night where CASYM's past, present and future come to together as one for all the world to see.  Moreover, it is the event that allows the world to unmistakably understand and see what CASYM, the organization, is truly about.  CASYM, in addition to being one of the best steel orchestras in North America, is one of our true treasures.

One's greatness is not always measured in personal deeds and awards.  True greatness is measured in the legacy and path that one leaves, or trails blazed for others to follow.  In this regard, CASYM has successfully developed and executed a program for others to applaud, study and follow.  When your past becomes your present and your present becomes your future in a sustainable, evolving and progressive manner, you will see and experience both organizational and human growth.  CASYM has successfully achieved this truth.  Moreover, CASYM's legacy of greatness is already assured.

Class One - CASYM Steel Orchestra

On this cold New York winter night, CASYM warmed the spirits and hearts of this near-capacity crowd who gathered at the Brooklyn Museum auditorium as the snow from the approaching storm began to blanket the city.  A crowd made up of pan enthusiasts, adoring parents, siblings and many supporting community members, was treated to a fantastic show with steelpan musicians as young as five years old headlining and leading the performances.  As you watch the young players, many of them whose heads you can barely see above the steelpan instruments, you realize that CASYM as an organization has come full circle.  The instructors of the performing classes are all members of CASYM's stage side.  It seems like only yesterday that these same music instructors, were the young players of CASYM, themselves perched on boxes to reach and play the steelpan instruments.  CASYM's past investments in its future through the development of it's musicians have paid of handsomely.  It has become a self-contained and self-sustained institution.

CASYM parents make guest appearance

CASYM put on a comprehensive performing arts show that included poetry, drama and dance in addition to steel orchestra performances.  Performing on the night were CASYM's Class One  and Class Two Steel Orchestras, CASYM Dancers.  P.S. 149 Steel Orchestra who also performed, is a result of CASYM's contract with the New York City Board of Education to introduce and provide instruction on the steelpan instrument.  Poet Alexis Wint provided riveting spoken word character to the event and to the extremely receptive listening audience.  CASYM's very own pint-sized calypsonian Kyle Frederick provided his rendition of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause".  A special performance was screened by the parents of CASYM's youth pan players.  The parents of the pannists themselves got together just four weeks ago to practice and put together a small routine for the audience.  Needless to say their children were thrilled!  It was indeed a total family pan experience.

P.S. 149 Steelband

CASYM's tradition of having a 'very far from normal Santa' continued.  Santa could not  make it this year (something about a problem with Mrs. Clause was mentioned) so his helper Elf" took over.  He was equally irreverent as the usual 'Santa', and the crowd loved him almost as much.

Recently CASYM was unceremoniously and unexpectedly asked to leave their home of over eighteen years.    Mr. William Jones, CASYM's director and founder spoke on this issue and his expectant reality of CASYM having its own facility to house it classes and performing arts programs in the near future.  Mr. Jones also reminded the audience that CASYM will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary next year.  CASYM has been fortunate to have great and competent leadership with vision, a plan and extraordinary people who are dedicated to execute the organization's ideas.

CASYM Director and founder Mr. William Jones

CASYM's Christmas program highlighted its success in mobilizing community, youth development and family, while stressing education, responsibility, contributing citizenship and continuity.

Mr. Jones, Arddin Herbert, Travis Roberts, Michelle Williams, Anthony Lewis, Lakeisha Danglade, Joalene Griffith and all the other members of CASYM's development program and staff are to be commended for unwavering commitment to youth and community development.  There is no greater accomplishment than the development of our youth.

Class Two - CASYM Steel Orchestra


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