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Mark Loquan Donates Ten years of music material to UWI CCFA

Trinidad - On Sunday, November 25, 2007, songwriter, Mark Loquan, donated ten years of music material to UWI CCFA as part of celebrating his 10 year anniversary of composing and writing music for Panorama.  There was a formal handover of music materials to the University of the West Indies, Center for Creative and Festival Arts (CCFA) at their 'Breaking the Ground V' end of year concert.

The materials consisted of a hard copy of 22 songs produced for pan over 1999-2008 with lead scores (melody, bass and chord structure) in Finale and PDF format, all song notes with lyrics, themes, and bands performing the music. In addition, the electronic copy included MP3's of all songs and videos produced as digital files, and also the Pan in Education movie trailer describing the Pan in Education CD produced in 2005.

Dr. Jeannine Remy of UWI CCFA stated that this was an important contribution to the University, and the material is planned to be used from the January 2008 semester in the Pan Arranging and Pan Literature courses.

Loquan states that given his journey in trying to preserve arrangements, and scores, in Pan in Education, and his involvement in the Music Literacy Trust which provides financial assistance to students at UWI CCFA and NIU, and pannists pursuing music literacy in various steelbands, the handover represented for him not only a significant symbolic marking of his 10 year anniversary, but more importantly provided local material which could be used for education which is sorely lacking.

From the news desk of M. Loquan
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