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D’Radoes captain and leader on the mend
after heart scare

by AH

New York, USA - The pan community was hit again with bad news about one of our own.  Junior “Man” Samuel, Captain and Leader of D’Radoes Steel Orchestra was struck down by a massive heart attack last Friday.  After being rushed to Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn, New York for emergency surgery, “Man,” remarkably and thankfully has pulled through.

The pan community has come out in full force to wish Man a speedy recovery.  This is one of the great examples when we all pull together in support of one of our own.

Junior “Man” Samuel has been at the helm of D’Radoes Steel Orchestra since 2002 when some members of Despers USA seceded, forming D’Radoes Steel Orchestra.  With the late master musician and arranger Clive Bradley taking them to the annual New York panorama from 2002 through 2005 until Bradley’s passing, Samuel has guided the band through several credible panorama showings, its best being in 2005 with D’Radoes performance of Bradley’s arrangement of Johnny King’s Darlin’.  The band placed second in the New York Panorama that year.

“Man” is now resting comfortably at his home in Brooklyn, New York, supported by wife Ingrid and surrounded by the New York pan community, and is already even planning for next year’s Panorama season (you cannot keep a true panman down!).   We at When Steel Talks wish “Man” a complete recovery.



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