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Engine Room featuring Mangrove Steel and Brass Ensemble


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by Robbie Joseph



Engine Room, Steel and Brass

United Kingdom - Carnival Village based at the Tabernacle, Powis Square, London W11 2AY, England, an iconic Grade II listed building in the heart of Notting Hill, takes on an exciting and historic new lease of life. Stepping up its status as an international entertainment venue, it partners with the Yaa Asantewa Centre in the borough of Westminster.

The Engine Room Collective has been hosting monthly music concerts featuring some of the UK's top pan musicians at the Inn on the Green, Portobello Green and the Tabernacle. On the 9th August 2009 the Engine Room Collective featured their first UK performance of European brass and steel ensemble combined featuring Mangrove Steelband. It was hosted by Cutty Williams. The Engine Room featuring Mangrove Steel and Brass is a joint effort by the Engine Room Collective and Ducos. Both parties are hoping to take this musical fusion to another level ensuring that many more performances will be featured.

Richard Bailey

This event was a follow up from their Steel and Brass venture at the 2009 Rotterdam Summer Carnival where the Engine Room featuring Mangrove Steel and Brass was a new addition to the Carnival. This initiative gave the audience an opportunity to enjoy a fusion of brass, steel and drums conducted by Robert Bailey. The ensemble was featured as the opening act on the Bavarian Podium for the Battle of the Bands competition on Friday the 24th July 2009 and they also appeared on the Podium for the Parade of the Bands on Saturday 25th July 2009.

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photos by Robbie Joseph

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