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Phase II Pan Groove
'Shares Licks' in Semi-final round -
Shocker - no south Bands for finals
Large Category - Trinidad and Tobago
2007 Steelband Panorama


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Phase II Pan Groove

Well - so much happened on the interim stage erected at the south-western end of the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain.  There was so much pan, so much great music.  It was a long day, and night into morning.  The semi-final rounds reigned for about seventeen hours straight at the savannah featuring the small, medium and large steel orchestra categories.  The musicians all came out to 'lick up' their competition.  In the end, Merrytones from Diego Martin, and Dixieland hailing from the sister isle of Tobago set the standards by which the other orchestras in their categories would be up against going into the national panorama finals. 

February 4, 2007 is a historic day to begin with, because it is the first time ever that a panorama event has taken place at the Queen's Park Savannah, and not been staged before Grand Stand and North Stand crowds.  The event took place at the interim staging area mere yards away, because the traditional area is earmarked for demolition.  But moreover, it is a day that will live on, because it was the day that the large conventional steel orchestras were thrust into a 'sudden death' situation without  having judges' scores and notes as a guide through to that stage.  With the elimination of the preliminary round for the first time ever, sixteen bands faced the semis, with eight being sent home for good, and eight going on to the finals.

So the fire was hotter than usual for the large steel orchestras, and it was only about five minutes before three in the morning, Trinidad time, when the last band Our Boys Steel Orchestra played their final note, that the embers began to cool.  South-based Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra who brought back Ken 'Professor' Philmore as their arranger, after a three-year orchestra-arranger relationship with Liam Teague, took the stage first in the large band category, and put down such a session on steel with Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe's Sharin' Licks, that many had them as a definite favorite to make the final cut.  But there was a shocker in store.

When the dust settled and the results were finally announced, Skiffle was not among the finalists, to the shock and chagrin of many pan lovers.  With 252 points, they missed the mark by eight.  Desperadoes beat them to the punch with 258.  But 'Sharin Licks' was Phase II Pan Groove led by Boogsie Sharpe, who delivered the as promised - at least in this crucial round.  On February 17, in a little less than two weeks from now, the matter will be settled for yet another year, and the national Panorama champion will be known.  And going head to head with Phase II who are seeking the elusive three-peat, a feat only accomplished by the legendary Renegades from 1995-1997, are the latter, Desperadoes, Trinidad All Stars, Tropical Angel Harps, Invaders, Exodus and Starlift.

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