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An “Oops” Moment in Steelband Panorama 2010

The case of the disappearing steelband panorama internet broadcast

Who Is Responsible??!!

Global - A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s steelband music Panorama internet broadcast.  It got lost, and found, and lost again, and then resurfaced - for some.  Talk about “mass media confusion.”  And yes, ‘confusion’ would be the operative word to describe the online broadcast fiasco of the 2010 steelband music Panorama event by the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG).  The end results were massive migraines, many disheartened customers and frustration for many partakers and curious people from all over the world, interested in the carnival season internet stream of which the Panorama finals event was part.  Moreover an opportunity to expand and cultivate a global base was squandered and even permanently impaired.  In this “must” forum, the stakeholders were never able to establish or exact professionalism at the highest order.

When Steel Talks’ concern was immediately heightened when, for two days, the event description next to which the Panorama Pay-Per-View option was posted, had absolutely nothing to do with the Panorama - not the case for the other three events.  It was probably a sign of things to come. The description was eventually changed after When Steel Talks (WST) alerted the event marketing authorities of this egregious error.

CTNTWorld original Panorama event description

It would be easy to blame Pan Trinbago, CNMG, iMedia Caribbean, or even the Cultural Ministry of Trinidad and Tobago for their shortcomings.  How could Pan Trinbago not know that this episode, as scripted, would have an adverse effect on their prized product, Panorama?  How could CNMG not know that they lacked the technical infrastructure to handle the online crush of interested parties, and subsequent professional and dedicated customer service personnel - if something went wrong? How could iMedia not know that its promotional and advertising scheme - at least for the Panorama component - had nothing to do with the realities of how the global steelpan community operates and communicates?  And how could Trinidad’s Ministry of Culture not know this venture was simply a bad move given what was (or not!!) in place?

Live! and in vivid text exchanges, WST and the rest of the world watched the drama play-out over the internet in the most public manner.  Three days’ worth of drama.  And, in of all places, CNMG’s own Facebook Connect for the whole world to see.  At times it was comical, humorous and strange - but most times it was unbelievable and painful.  Talk about having your dirty laundry hung out in public.


Pay-Per-View Purchasers Vent Frustration
on CNTWorld Facebook Connect

A sample of what countless were saying over the weekend  (later posts on top, earlier posts on bottom)
  • JA:  “an my brother wan to pay to see de pan, ah tellin him doh even bother.”
  • PM: “ctnt gona eat kfc and doubles with my money tomoro.”
  • MR: “Kiss-meh-arse CTNT.”
  • DR:  “refreashed and cannot back on CTNT!!!”
  • PS:  “I paid and is not getting anything the feed froze and when i refreshed it the sceen said service unavailable.”
  • DR:  “how do we get back on your site CTNT, how about some answers.”
  • JL:  “Ah take mih farse self an say ah going to try de ppv...well leh mih tell allyuh how mih computer freeze! Nada! Now ah come back an I ent gettin nuttin at all.     SSSSTTTTTTEEEEUUUUPPPSSSSS!!!!. 
    I just found SOCAMONARCH.NET - Bye, Bye CTNT World!”
  • MJ:  “Blessed I paid, but its not about the money. Its about the incapability to deliver a service that you had adequate time to plan for.”
  • WG:  “Khan live streaming now the show over.”
  • LA:  “I GOT AN EMAIL SECONDS AGO DID THEY LOOK AT THE TIME THE SHOW ALMOST DONE THE NERVE OF THESEZ PEOPLE....   do u believe at almost 11pm they have the nerve to email me tellimg me to clear and press f5 where were they when i call trinidad and call the bank and email them no resp.”
  • LS:  “it's a shame that our gov't can't get their act together to broadcast the "greatest show on earth.”
  • FG:  “Deu should make a calypso on CTNT, see thief n thief.”
  • WG:  “good news I got a refund from 2check.com.”
  • RG:  “to get your money back call: 1-88C-TNT-TIEF.”
  • JK:  “if i had known that this station belongs to the government i would never have paid a cent.”
  • JK:  “i asked them why we cant see anything alhough we paid for the whole package since friday and was unable to see anything. I wasnt able to login on friday so he logged in and paid with his credit card ane bought the whole package for 80 US...”
  • RD:  “CTNT How do I get a refund -- You keep yuh show gimme mi money back.. THIS IS BS.”
  • DC:  “next year’s road march? BUFFERING!”
  • DE:  “Didn't anyone tell you people how much HELL they catch last night, and nite before? So many people paid and did not see it - you think today, Sunday is third time the charm?”
  • CS: “We need to all contribute to NBC and let them take over Carnival. I bet you wouldn't hear a peep from any of us, things would be so perfect.”
  • CS:  “It is very LATE to come with that LAME excuse CTNT.. ”
  • SA:  “Ctnt u cannot be having/working on the problem the same nite of an event... come on... BETTER THAN THAT!!”
  • AJ:  “@ CTNT you all wait until the day of the event to work on problems? Come on man!!”
  • Ctntworld Connect:  “we are working on the problems guys...bear with us.”
  • GD:  “When WACK was protesting thy knew xactly what they were saying. Greedy ppl!”
  • KN:  “CYBER TIEFING NETWORK TRINIDAD (CTNT) Tief allyuh..Allyuh doh listen, Manning said “Time to tighten allyuh belts.”
  • SA:  “Clearing they not ready for this, and they had one whole year to prepare for this.... MADNESS!!”
  • OB:  “Mr. CTNT I paid since midday today can you explain why I have not received my login details yet?????”
  • GD:  “D person on CTNT bait allyuh 2 pay n now gone. Look ah bandit.”
  • WD:  “ctnt please refund money.”
  • CS:  “Sandy I've bought many live events here in NYC. The access was instant.”
  • ES:  “CTNT needs to respond to the MANY viewers who claim to have paid and are not getting reception. A simple acknowledgement is better than silence.”
  • MP:  “I can see a lawsuit coming this is not good.”
  • DR:  “I paid hours ago.”
    34 seconds ago

Ordering and viewing the panorama on the CTNTWorld.com site was an exercise in frustration and extreme futility for many.  Believe it, When Steel Talks tried - and tried.  People descended on the CTNTWorld.com site with anticipation, excitement and exuberance.  That quickly changed to disbelief, disappointment, disillusionment and then, ultimately - rage.  And the callous disregard experienced by many became the theme of the night.  As we all know by now CNMG - the parent company for Trinidad media outlets Talk City 91.1fm and CTNTWorld.com Television - had secured exclusive broadcast rights to this year’s major Trinidad and Tobago carnival events.  On the surface it seemed like a shrewd business move - if you can deliver the goods.  However, this would be prove far from the case.

The Soca Monarch 2010 Finals was the first event up on Friday evening for the carnival season.  Indeed, as WST monitored the internet chatter as early as 24 hours prior, there was much doubt expressed by the audience, based on their prior experiences, that this could be done without a hitch.  However, it was clear they were willing to give it a try.  There only concern was that they receive fair value for their investment -  US$19.95 per event.  Many people opted for the “Carnival All Inclusive Bundle of US$80.00” which, according to the promoters allowed you to view the events of Soca Monarch, Panorama, Dimanche Gras and Parade of the Bands if ordered on or before February 12.

Ironically, out of pure luck the steelpan community was spared somewhat from what could have been a total wipe out.  The Panorama was the second show of the four carnival weekend events.  So, many people - after learning about the Friday night Soca Monarch debacle - were cautious about ordering the Pay-Per-View event.  Still, others who wanted to register and pay for the event on Saturday February 13, the date of the Panorama, were locked out.  And far worse were those who paid early for the event and were still locked out.  And, yet for those who were able to get in, and on, (though some as late as the large band category) - their experiences were quite good.

Strangely, CNMG came up with a scheme that notified paid patrons of their necessary credentials only minutes before or after the show had begun.  This obviously did not work.  To make matters worse CNMG officials were for the most part, non-responsive to their customers after they had paid for the shows.

Fundamentally, WST is about Pan, so from our perspective ultimately it is Pan Trinbago’s responsibility to not sign on to circumstances that would put their Panorama product and brand in such a precarious international position.  If the complete internet exclusivity had been enforced to the letter, there would have been absolutely no live internet coverage available of 2010 Panorama.  A few stations chose to broadcast all or some portion of the panorama.  However, they all had their issues ranging from bad audio, drop outs, delayed broadcast or incomplete broadcast.

It is When Steel Talks’ expectation that this episode will never be repeated in Trinidad and Tobago’s Panorama future, and full refunds given and apologies made to all dissatisfied customers.  After all, business executives’ heads have rolled for far less.  If that were to occur because of this fiasco, there are at least four organization heads that would. 

It is time for all those responsible for and connected with this issue - to become as good at their jobs as the Pan musicians already are at theirs.  Pan deserves nothing less.

Below are some actual experiences detailed by WST network members, (identified by initials)

I signed up with CTNT for $80 US for the carnival package. The Soca Monarch viewing last night was awful. It kept breaking up and then would just stop.

Posted by A on February 13, 2010 at 5:22am

CTNT There’s a sucker born every minute

Well some had it to say we Trinis want every thing free. I paid for the subscription and I am telling you Soca Monarch transmission was a flop. Numerous people was complaining via facebook. CTNT had a Brooklyn Bridge for sale and I bought it last night. It should not come as a surprise that CTNT could not deliver a proper feed. Save your money and find a good audio stream.  Before any of you buy a show fron CTNT KNOW THIS-

“There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase often credited to P.T. Barnum (1810 – 1891), an American showman. It is generally taken to mean that there are (and always will be) a lot of gullible people in the world

I am not too proud to eat my words. Yesterday I posted a discussion which informed this Pan Fraternity that the pay per view CTNT offered was a flop, well friends I ate those words last night. The saga goes like this: I was attentively watching CTNT (the free version) delivering the begining of Panorama while looking for a clean audio stream, during my search I herd a chime indicating I had mail (7:10 PM NY time). The email informed me of a link and further info on how to access my paid subscription. To my suprise I was able to watch Panorama 2010 where the stream, audio and video was clear.

CTNT delivered panorama and I am not too proud to EAT MY WORDS!

could not even access the server to PAY for my PPV. And from everyone else I chatted with who paid some of then for the whole package...it was frustrating and they could not get to see anything.
I guess CTNT only sent that e mail to select people ... I got nothing

I got nothing as well...oh well.
Can’t complain either, I bought the 4 shows, did not get the link until after Soca Monarch was over for 24 hours, I did use the link last night and got most of Panorama..will see if it works again tonight.
I did receive the email, but was still a little disappointed that the email came after I had already missed the first 4 medium bands. Also, I had paid the day before, so they had plenty of time to send that link...not wait until panorama had already started.
I had video as well. I saw the email in my inbox as the 6th or 7th Medium band performed. The feed was strong and uninterrupted. Video was very clear and noticeably better than that of their regular video feed, as was the audio.

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