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‘Pan Jubilation’

sung by Lloyd “QP” Cupido
composed by Lloyd Cupido



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Verse 1

We promotion’ pan not only in d Caribbean
We want them to know it’s the culture of Trinbago
It is plain to see they playin’ it internationally
I am very proud it start right here in this country

Bridge 1

They think we are bad johns because we beatin’ pan
But pan music is here to stay
WIth all that melody and sweet harmony
You could hear it all over the country


So come down for J’Ouvert morning
Jump up when the steel band playin’
We all join to jump together
Supporting the pan forever
Pum puh dum pum pum pum (x4)

Verse 2

Everybody know bout the carnival in Trinbago
And all those steel bands they gettin’ ready for competition
In the savannah that is where they have Panorama
You will hear steel band they comin’ down from all over the land

Bridge 2

Everybody jumpin’ while the steel band playin’
And dey hands in the air
You have to understand it’s a jam session
This happens every year


Verse 3

Everybody know we does play some nice calypso
That time of the year you could jump up without any fear
Come J’Ouvert morning they jumpin’ and they drinkin’
They havin’ dey fun, fun until Ash Wednesday morning

Bridge 3

It’s part of the promotion in marketing the steel pan
Not only in the Caribbean
We need some big sponsors to help out those steel bands
So could continue with the plan



Play the pan, play the pan, play the pan night and day  
Play the pan, play the pan,
play the pan all the way            

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“Pan Jubilation”
Lloyd Cupido

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Lloyd Cupido
Lloyd Cupido

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Lloyd Cupido is known as “QP” in the music world. After many years of singing Calypso and Soca music he was able to reach his goal, releasing his first CD entitled ‘Jam With QP,’ consisting of songs such as Mas Man Coming Down, Spokes, Neighbour Neighbour, Been There Done That and many more.

“QP” is originally from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, which is the heart and soul of Carnival. He migrated to the United States, where he composes and arranges all his songs. He is also able to promote calypso music away from his homeland which gives him much joy. For many years he has been performing in Trinidad and the United States, and is looking forward to doing more in promoting the culture of his homeland.


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