Celebration of Women
and the Steelpan Art Form

Tribute To Women In Pan

The Women from Trinidad's "First Family of Pan" KAREN and KEISHA Codrington of the Pan Family Steel Orchestra

Karen Codrington - Co-Manager, Treasurer  

Keisha and Karen Codrington, in 2003

Karen is a very serious and disciplined young woman who plays the percussion and rhythm bass for the [Codrington] Pan Family Steel Orchestra. She learnt to play the steel pan at age ten with the Tunapuna Nightingale Steel Orchestra. She is a very talented pannist who has played with various steel bands. Her instruments include: the four (4) bass, the tenor, the double tenor, the triple tenor, the double guitar and the quadraphonic pans. Karen is also the band's Drummer.

Karen Codrington is the mother of the family, in addition to being an accomplished pannist. She nurtures the abundance of talent that is present in her family and is very proud of their achievements. She hopes that their talent and contribution to keeping steelpan music alive will soon become more recognized as an important and historical part of our culture, not just nationally but internationally.

Karen believes that her family is an example of what can be achieved when a family stays together and supports each other.

Keisha Codrington

Keisha Codrington
Keisha Codrington

Keisha has been dubbed a prodigy by her parents and those who have heard her perform. She plays the tenor with the Pan Family Steel Orchestra. She is an extremely gifted soloist, who has performed extensively throughout Trinidad. She entered a Pan Soloist Under 15 Competition in 1999 and placed 5th at the finals. Keisha is ten years old and began to play the tenor at the tender age of three.

Panorama 2012 Prelims - Codrington's Panorama performance

Keisha is the Pan Soloist Champion at Sanfest 2001 and also the Soloist Champion for the Schools Steelband Music Festival 2001. She placed second in the soloist category of Pan Ramajay 2002 and teamed up with her father to win the duet category. In 2003, she won the Citigroup's Twelve and Under Series where her prize entailed a trip to Disney World. Keisha is presently the champion soloist of the World Steelband Music Festival (WSMF) 2004. She teamed up with her father to win first runner-up position in the duet category, and along with her father and two of her brothers placed first in the quartet category of the WSMF 2004. In 2005 Keisha has made history by becoming one of the youngest steelband Arrangers in the Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama when she arranged for Success Laventille Composite School in the Junior Steelband Panorama competition. The band placed fifth.

Keisha has performed extensively throughout Trinidad and at Kariwak Hotel and Restaurant Tobago, Tyrol Cot, Heritage Village, Barbados and at Four Seasons Restaurant in New York. The young star pannist wants to be an Ambassador for her country, performing to international audiences, including Kings, Queens, Princes and Heads of States. She also wants to be a Music Teacher.


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A Celebration of Women
And The Steelpan Artform

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