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Meet Keisha Codrington of Trinidad & Tobago

Yep... She’s bad! And we all know it. Prodigy, Child Star, Girl Wonder, Phenom; who hasn’t heard of Keisha Codrington? Still humble, considerate and blessed with immense talent - Keisha, now a confident young lady, speaks with When Steel Talks in an exclusive.

A When Steel Talks Exclusive


WST - “You are part of what can be termed Trinidad & Tobago’s “First Family of Pan.” What are your earliest memories of Steelpan, being part of the Codrington Pan Family?”

Keisha C. - “I can remember being under a mango tree in a yard and my dad teaching my brothers and me to play the Steelpan. I also remember playing the Steelpan with my family on the streets of Port of Spain.”

WST - “You were recognized quite early as a music prodigy in the steelpan art form; what do you remember about the attention drawn to you because of your abilities?”

Keisha C. - “A lot of people wanted me to perform in their shows and take part in their competitions. I was the highlight at many concerts.”

WST - “Do you play any other music instruments?”

Keisha C. - “Yes. I also play the piano/keyboard, African drums, drums set and other percussion instruments, trumpet, and I am presently learning the acoustic and bass guitars.”

K. Codrington
Keisha Codrington

WST - “As a steelpan musician, you embody intellect, talent, youth and beauty. What advice would you give to girls younger than yourself, who wish to become steelpan musicians?”

Keisha C. - “The same advice that I would give to anyone; keep practicing.”

WST - “Your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters are all accomplished musicians, and music is the family’s business - talk about what it is like growing up in such a family-focused music environment?”

Keisha C. - “The music draws us closer to each other and because of that we do almost everything together and we learn to help out each other. There are also the long hours of practice that we all endure together, competing and learning off each other and the numerous performances both local and international.”

WST - “You are also a music arranger in your own right - when did you first realize that you were talented in this direction?”

Keisha C. - “In 2005 I was asked by Success Stars Pan Sounds to arrange for them for the Junior Panorama competition. Before then the thought of arranging never occurred to me. It was truly a learning experience and an eye-opener.”

WST - “It is WST’s understanding that the instruments of the Codrington Pan Family are manufactured by family members. How much are your personal experiences in this direction, if any?”

Keisha C. - “None. All I do is play them after they have been made. J

WST - “You play Pan on the iPad - how is it? Do you think it could be a ‘gateway’ entry for young people interested in playing Pan, including those who have not tried the actual instrument, but have access to the iPad instead?”

Keisha C. - “It is a real fun experience. I think it is a very useful tool to teach young people, as they are generally more interested in technology.”

WST - “Your Mom, Karen, has been the drummer for the Codrington Pan Family for Panorama - what is it like having her anchoring the steel orchestra?”

Keisha C. - “I play percussion next to her in the Panorama band and it’s a great feeling. Sometimes we co-arrange some of the different rhythms that you hear in our Panorama arrangement. I am overjoyed.”

WST - “What is Panorama to you?”

Keisha C. - “To me Panorama is a time when steelpan arrangers, players, tuners, builders and managers can all come together to create something that is beautiful and majestic both musically and visually. Though, I think it is marred by politics, corruption and the narrow-minded outlook of some people.”

WST - “Your family is music; music is the Codrington Pan Family; what are your interests - outside of music?”

Keisha C. - “I like to play sports; basketball and football. I also like hanging out with friends and going to the beach.”

WST - “The Codrington Pan Family proudly calls Laventille, Trinidad, home. Have you, an ace female steelpan musician, hailing from Laventille, ever encountered challenges regarding social discrimination while interacting with fellow Trinidadians??”

Keisha C. - “No, none that I am aware of. Wherever we go people are always proud of us because of what we have accomplished as a family.”

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