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Countdown To UK Panorama 2005

Notting Hill Panorama 2005

Champions of Steel competition


Yeah! Yeah! Melody! Chords! Chorus! Verse! Bridges! Crescendos! Syncopating Rhythms and the Circle of Fifths!  Just play that sweet Pan music.

The competitors' training are in full flight.  The panyards are now buzzing with enthusiasm.  The seasonal panorama hum drum of excitement, anticipation and preparation is in full swing.  The race is not for the swiftest but for those who work diligently and deliver the goods on the night.

Saturday the 27th of August 2005 will see Horniman’s Pleasance on Kensal Road become the stage for the UK’s Champions of Steel competition. Ten orchestras will be competing for the title with the evening being opened by Nostalgia and Pan Necktar, the pan-around-the–neck and single pan orchestras.  A wealth of steelpan music on offer and it's all free.  Make the most of this opportunity as it may be the last year that panorama is a free event.

World-renowned steelpan arrangers in the likes of Anise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed – Ebony, Rudy ‘Two Lef’ Smith – Glissando, Kyron Akal – Mangrove, Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore – Metronomes, Brent Holder - Stardust, Eustace Benjamin – Southside Harmonics, Leroy Clarke – Real Steel and Paul Dowie of the Croydon Steel Orchestra - will be ensuring that this competition is a highly-contested event.  Horniman’s Pleasance will certainly be a forum for the rich diversity of their musical expressions.

Try catching up with these steel orchestras at their pan yards during their practice sessions leading up to the competition.  Take a taste of the local cuisine on sale.  It’s a ‘good lime’ as Trinidadians would say. 


All photos by Robbie Joseph
All rights reserved PanPodium

From the News Desk of  When Steel Talks - submitted by Robbie Joseph

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