Clive Bradley Remembered:  ROBERT GREENIDGE

Notables of the performing arts talk about the late great Caribbean musician Clive Bradley

Global - Robert Greenidge - Champion Panorama arranger, performing and recording artist

“"Clive was - as we say - one of the greatest arrangers in pan. He was a mathematician - he was able to subtract and divide and add to the music, and do with the music whatever he think needed to be done; and he knew sometimes that silence was golden. We need to continue, and do the best we can to make him smile. We need to continue to create - and the bands, Desperadoes, then Pantonic, D'Radoes and Metro in New York - and all the other bands he arranged for. We must continue to celebrate his life and be joyful, and not be sad, because he would not have wanted us to do that."  - Robert Greenidge

Robert Greenidge - Remembering Steelband arranger Clive Bradley

Robert Greenidge
Robert Greenidge

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