Handel:  “Where′er You Walk” at Gospelypso 2010 - Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Music returned to the forefront as Sesame Flyers’ members took the stage, an impressive sight in black and silver vests. The orchestra opted to maintain the theme of ‘reverence’ throughout their session which featured Handel’s “Where E’er You Walk,” Ketèlbey’s “Sanctuary of the Heart” and David Rudder’s “High Mas.” The latter spotlighted the talents of Berklee College of Music student Kareem ‘Kay’ Thompson, where panist and group drummer Keith “KJ” Marcelle also attends. Like the other bands and through its own community outreach, Sesame’s ranks usually include a couple new faces.

    Handel′s “Where′er You Walk” - Sesame Flyers

Sesame Flyers at the concert
Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra - Arranger is  Kareem Thompson