OASIS Youth Steel Pan Ensemble - ‘Outstanding’

Sherwin Thwaites - arranger

Brooklyn, New York, USA - OASIS Youth Steel Pan Ensemble performs the classic party tune "Outstanding" by the Gap Band at the 2013 CASYM band launch.

“....The biggest story of the night was Oasis Youth Steel Pan Ensemble from New Jersey, who came out in full concert mode. They were no joke. Their ten-song repertoire stretched the expectations of a standard band launch performance both in terms of musical sensibilities and performance. Led under the musical directive of Sherwin Thwaites, he brought additional musical colors and a thought process to the arena. Oasis demonstrated their flexibility as they delivered a varied set that was truly international both in spirit and execution. There is an old saying in the music industry among city musicians - that is: “You can’t fake the funk.” Oasis’s performance on classics like Let’s Stay Together was exceptional and authentic. From Destra’s “Call My Name” to Bob Marley’s “Africa Unite,” to the Gap Band’s “Outstanding” – it all came together.”  See complete review

  Oasis Steel Orchestra performing “Outstanding”

OASIS Youth Steel Pan Ensemble performs at CASYM'S 2013 band launch