Conversation with Salmon Cupid

Toronto, Canada - Educator, panist and inventor Salmon Cupid speaks to Toronto Carnival's Kevin Carrington. Salmon Cupid is the inventor of the E-Pan.

Salmon Cupid was born in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. It was there, growing up like so many youngsters on the twin-island nation in the Caribbean, where he first fell in love with and learned to play the steelpan. He began formally playing with St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive School (also known as the “Mean Green on Steel”) where he led the band in several music festivals and competitions. Under his captaincy, St. Augustine won the Panorama competition and came away with first place at the Steelpan Music Festival in Trinidad & Tobago. He also made several international tours with the school to Europe, for as he recounted, his experience on these tours confirmed to him that his idea of the electronic steelpan was crucial to the progress of steelpan although his “flash-of-genius” moment occurred years before.

An interview with inventor/musician Salmon Cupid  

Salmon Cupid