Gregory Boyd - ‘Purple Rain’

Denmark - “‘Purple Rain’ [by Prince] is one of those songs that I did not fully appreciate until the time was right. It simply was one of those nights where I was painting late in my apartment in New Orleans. Candles were lit all over and I heard the song on one of the local radio stations that decided to play full album tracks. The ending solo caught me and held me in suspense. I knew one day I was going try this song as a Steelpanist and Singer. But where?

“It just so happened I was performing with none other than a traditional Jazz band in Hamburg, Germany and for a joke, I was practicing the song in rehearsal. The band leader said “Let’s play it!” I thought “Cool, let’s!” So I am working on how to incorporate this into my future live shows. Here is a singular version of the song - Music, Love, Peace, and Unity is my Goal.”  -- Gregory Boyd

  Gregory Boyd  

GREGORY BOYD - I can say many things about the path that I’m taking in life. I can talk about performing at various places in the world and meeting wonderful people. I can talk about the work it takes to have my own music business and all of the hours it takes to make it even a small amount of success... I can talk about how sometimes one feels somewhat alone in the wake of being surrounded by so many. Even with some of these difficulties in doing this work and believing in my work all of these years is it is all very much worth it and I would not trade it for anything. I love doing and being what I feel I am truly called to do. Please feel free to browse all of my Facebook sites, my merch, and online socials. Please feel free to send feedback on your experience. I am forever in your debt due to your unwavering support. Peace Love and Music Gregory Boyd