Harmonites Steel Orchestra - “The Wrecker” | Earl Rodney | Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 1968

Earl Rodney - arranger - finals performance

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - It’s Panorama Finals. Harmonites Steel Orchestra is playing “The Wrecker” written and performed by “Lord Kitchener” - (born Aldwyn Roberts) - and arranged by Earl Rodney for Panorama 1968. This is the first Panorama win for both Harmonites Steel Orchestra and Earl Rodney at this moment.

Listen to Harmonites Steel Orchestra as they played their Panorama finals arrangement of “The Wrecker” for the TELCO-Records recording - recorded at Telco Studios in  Mount Hope, Trinidad in 1968.

Tuners:   Alan Gervais, Wallace Austin

Event producer is Pan Trinbago.

Harmonites Steel Orchestra - T&T 1968 Panorama Finals arrangement


The Wrecker LP Cover
Harmonites Steel Orchestra, Panorama finals 1968

The Wrecker back cover
Harmonites Steel Orchestra, The Wrecker -  back cover, 1968

J'Ouvert pictures - Harmonites Steel Orchestra personnel after winning Panorama 1968
J'Ouvert pictures after winning Panorama 1968

Harmonites Steel Orchestra - Panorama News Special

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