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Unison Steel was founded in early 2020 by members of the Brooklyn steelpan community who had been playing together in various bands for over a decade. The leaders and business owners Marc Brooks, Noah Smit, Antonio John & Sparkle Demming started the organization with the unified vision of setting a standard in musical quality and performance, as well as developing young pan players into talented, disciplined musicians while fostering the unique sense of community that is found in a steelband.


Since the band's founding in early 2020 there have of course been challenges in terms of obtaining the pans and practice space for a traditional steel orchestra, delaying our educational goal up to now. In the meantime, we have focused on developing a smaller combo ensemble, which has turned out to be an opportunity to explore a wider variety of musical styles such as R&B, bachata, funk, kompa, and pop, among others.

Since the owners of the business are also players in the band, we are especially driven to do what it takes to keep the music going.

1 (347 4-UNISON (347-486-4766)
: @unisonsteel
FB:  unisonsteelband

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