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J'Ouvert 2004 New York Panmen Reign Supreme
J'Ouvert Competition Results

J'Ouvert 2004 was easily one of the best  moments for the pan fraternity as New York panmen and pan women dominated the scene. The music was solely steelpan music, and the hundreds of thousands of J'Ouvert revellers stretched as far back as the eye could see.  Indeed the iron and steel musicians reigned supreme.

What you had was a beautiful combination of iron men, Pan, people and Ole Mas.  Character playing by the Ole Mas brought back to the forefront an extremely important part of our culture, the pageantry which is the performing arts comprising live musicians and the theatrical representation of descendants of Caribbean and African heritage.

The opportunity was here to see the performing arts as part of the people's culture, and a natural celebration of their everyday life.

The humour, politics, music and spirituality of the New York  pan fraternity were on full display as 'Whap Cocoyea', 'Celebrate' and 'War' battled each other for road march popularity by some twenty-odd bands.  This year the winner of the steelband Bomb competition lays claim to the Neville Jules Challenge Trophy and the Mas band winner will be awarded the Alva Maund Challenge Trophy.  Click for >> J'Ouvert Competition Results...


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