Junia Regrello Sets the Record Straight on the G-Pan - Trinidad and Tobago’s latest steelpan Instrument Development

There was a level of secrecy that had to be involved... We had to be very careful... It had the government’s blessing, and the credibility of the University of the West Indies... and international legal specialists working on it...”     Parliamentary Secretary Junia Regrello

Parliamentary Secretary Junia Regrello (left), chats with Antigua’s Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Since it’s unveiling more than a year ago, the G-pan (Genesis Pan) has had no shortage of detractors and controversy. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Parliamentary Secretary Junia Regrello attempts to set the record straight on the purpose, expectations and realities of this instrument as it relates to the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, the government, and the overall Trinidad and Tobago steelpan music fraternity.

Ultimately, according to Mr. Regrello, “This is about the protection of the instrument, and for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.” He also emphatically states that the objective is not to replace the traditional steelpan instruments with the G-pan. They are of the opinion that the G-pan can harmoniously co-exist with the traditional steelpan. In addition, the rumors that the purpose of the G-Pan is to ‘reduce the number of players’ - is nothing more than ‘propaganda’ that has no basis in reality, Regrello affirms.

However, Mr. Regrello does state that twelve players playing the G-pan will have more ‘power’ than thirty-six players playing traditional steelpan instruments. Furthermore, Regrello feels that should the G-pan eventually become the instrument of choice - it would be to the benefit of the Trinidad and Tobago people because they actually hold the patent to the G-Pan. “There hasn’t been an innovation in pan in 20 years” says Regrello. “.... T&T needs to support this project.” He also stated that there are great by-products coming from this project - but he could not speak publicly about them presently.

Regrello is looking forward to seeing mass production of the G-pan by September next year, 2009.


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