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CASYM Steel Orchestra - Cool Down Pan Yard Version 2017 - Video

CASYM - Far From Finished - New York Panorama 2017 - Pan Yard Recording - Video

CASYM Steel Orchestra - In spite of the 2017 Evil Empire’s “No-Respect-O-Rama” the musical genius of the New York Pan-Man and Pan-Woman shines through...

Suffering a severe ‘Buss Head’ from the tribe of Despers USA, the disoriented evil emperor headed south with his three witches in tow, looking to seek refuge and friendship while capturing weak souls in East Flatbush in the yard of CASYM Steel Orchestra. Rumors have it that earlier that day one of the witches almost fainted and another came down with a serious case of diarrhea after hearing that there was a possibility that the Pan folks would boycott Panorama if monies owed to them by the Evil Empire were not paid in full. Witch number three, fearing that all was lost. pulled out her mirror (smartphone) and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all?” The ‘dark side’ mirror promptly responded “You are.”

CASYM’s musical skipper for 2017 was none other than Kendall Williams. And his arrangement let the ‘dark side’ know in no uncertain terms that the beat-down they had so justly earned was “Far From Finished.” With Quillen from the N, the Y and the U, and drill master Sir Jerry Guy as wingmen, Captain Curtis Lynch let it be known the reign of terror and disrespect toward Brooklyn’s steel orchestras are done. CASYM is no place for old pan-hating devils. 100 players let it be known that this war is indeed Far From Finished.

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Another Basement Recordings production. Captured “live” at CASYM’s East Flatbush, Brooklyn Pan Yard.

Arranger - Kendall Williams

Captain - Curtis Lynch

Drill Master - Jerry Guy

Tuner - Andy A. Neils

The Players

Tenor Bass
Michelle Williams
Nadia Joseph

Cello Section
Lakeisha Danglade
Kenneth Dudley
Johnathan Williams
Joalene Griffith
Jason Williams

Andrea Wilson
Marc Brooks
Anthony Phillip

Strumming Guitar
Norzika Lewis
Kalyn Williams
Cecilia Paynter
Sakinah Porter
Shelly F George
Jamari Morelus
Kelly Stewart
Jhacquel Sutton
Terrel Liheman
Stephaney Peters
Javon Duncan

Cello Guitar
Isis Danglade
Cydney White
Sheianne Danglade
Tyler Cohen
Keifer Dover
Mathew Best

Double Seconds
Travis Roberts
Kyle Frederick
Isaiah Adams
Sophronia William
Haajar Orta
Orrin Andrews
Shaday Williams
Siboney Hector
Andrew Semple
Zaafirah Alexander
Strumming Double Second
Nicole White
Amaya Rodgers
Justin Fields
Justin Lynch
isiah Nanton
Kylah morgan
Shawn perez
Levesque Yasmine
Double Tenors
Daneisha Frederick
Licy Selena Antoine
Elroy Primus
Shane McDonald
Khyah Judah
David Singhaus

Tiffany Danglade
Jalissa Lynch
Jaleel Thomas
Zeandre Dougles
Brittany Horsford
Brian Dyer
Ameya Jones
Abiola Fraser
Madison Atherton-Graham
Edward Clarke
Howard George
Jordon Cato
Naciah Jones
Chaelon Notice
Brandon Wong
Yanis Roset
Shelby Blezinger-Mclay
Jeffney Jean

Gerion Williams
Stephen Graham
Tylor Atherton
Thayshia Danglade
Wayne Danglade
Michael Williams
Galina Lake
Wayne Danglade
Jerry Guy
Kendall Williams

Driller Master
Jerry Guy
Josh Quillen



Field Engineers - Lee Bennett and C. Phillips

CASYM Steel Orchestra


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