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Apr. 8, 2015 Oberlin Steel performs.
Apr. 11, 2015
  • Great Lakes Steelpan Festival (GLSF2015) featuring guest artists Ellie Mannette, Kurry Seymour and Potts & Pans Steelband.  Segments and times:  Free performances from 9:00-11:30 a.m.  Workshops with steelpan educators and performers from 3:00-6:00 p.m. Evening concert from 8:00-9:30 p.m.  Venue:  Hannah Beardsley Middle School, 515 E Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA.      more
    Tickets are available online at - Contact:; Matt Potts at 1 (815) 245-3624 or


Apr. 19, 2015
  • University of Mary Percussion & Steel Band in concert.  Time:  3:00 p.m.  Venue:  Arno Gustin Hall, 7500 University Drive, University of Mary, Bismark, Maryland, USA.     info:  1 (701) 355-8002

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